Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to Make a Canning Lid Template

1. Wash and dry any size canning lid you wish to reuse or recycle.

 2. Turn your lid so that the top is up.

3. Wash and dry any plastic bottle lid that has a bit of height to it.  For this one, I reused a lid from a syrup bottle.

4. With a strong glue (I used E6000 glue), spread glue on bottom rim of your plastic lid, and gently place onto the top side of your canning lid.  Be sure to do this in an area that has a protected surface, and is where you can leave it to dry (untouched).

5. Allow it to dry according to you glue instructions.

6. Store your fun template with your sewing or crafting supplies (possibly with or near your cutting tools).

Use your template for cutting fabric yo-yo's, fun place cards......the ideas are endless for your new circle templates.  These will last a long time, and you can try so many different items that you typically throw in your garbage.

Try using old wine corks, or other recycled items for your template handle.  These can even be used to blue stamps to the underside, for example using a recycled foam tray, or other stamping materials.

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