Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fabric Yo-Yo Embellished Flip Flops

When one of my daughter's flip flops lost all of it's original embellishments, I quickly came up with these fun yo-yo's to decorate them.  With some fancy toenail polish, they can show off their new flip flops. 

Items needed:
~scrap fabric
~pen to trace template
~wide canning lid or anything 3 1/4 inches in diameter
 (for the size shown) for a template
~free on-line tutorial on how to make a fabric yo-yo (search for this using your internet)
~white sewing thread
~E600 glue or strong glue of your choice

1. Trace your canning lids, and cut out 2 circles for each pair of flip flops.

2. Sew your circles into yo-yo's and sew a button on the top.

3. Glue your finished yo-yo to the center top of the flip flop.  To secure the yo-yo while drying, simply use a clothespin to hold it in place.

4. Allow the glue to dry by following the directions on the glue.

Note:  You may also enjoy doubling up a few yo-yo's in different sizes for a larger embellishment (see Yo-Yo-Fabric Brooches below for a photo).  You may also enjoy adding more smaller fabric yo-yo's down the straps of the flip flops.

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Yo Yo Fabric Brooches

Here's a fun way to use sewn fabric yo-yo's to embellish many accessories.  We made these using scrap fabric, buttons, and a pin.  These can easily be attached and removed as desired.

Items you need:
-scrap fabric, thread and needle
-free on-line instructions on sewing yo-yo's
-pin back for each brooch (link shows an example)
-strong glue, such as E6000
Ideas to Embellish With:
~ Tote bags
~ Scarves
~ Jackets
~ Purses
~ Household or Camper items
~ Tableclothes
~ Hats 
~ Fabric lunch bags
~ Aprons

Simply enter "how to make fabric yo-yo's" in to your computer's search bar, and enter.  You will find several tutorials on-line to help you. Make sets in two sizes for theses. Note:  We used a wide canning lid as a template for the smaller yo-yo in the photo.

Once you have your yo-yo's sewn, layer them with the larger one on the back and the small one on the top.  Sew your button on the top cent as shown in the photo.  

Turn your brooch over and glue a pinback to the backside.  We used E6000 glue for our brooches.  Follow drying instructions that are printed on the glue tube.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

12 Ways to Reuse Thin Shower S Hooks

Thin Shower S Hooks can be purchased at inexpensive prices at dollar stores and large department stores.  If you are lucky, you may even be able to pick some up at your local thrift stores.  Or if you are redecorating and don't need the ones you already have, here are more ideas to reuse them.

1. Hang on towel rods, for hanging towels with loops on them (I found that items without loops slide off too easily), creating more space.

2. Hang on towel rods, for drying and storing bath/shower scrubbies,  back scrubbers or brushes.

3. Use for Christmas ornament hangers.

4. Hang a windchime outdoors.

5. Hang light weight items for portable decorations when camping, or use for hanging up towels and washcloths.

6. Reuse them to hang curtains in another room (that has loops or sew loops on them for each S Hook.

7. Pack one when traveling.  Many times the bathroom only has a rack over the toilet.  The S Hook may come in handy to temporarily hold necklaces and rings.

8.  These come in handy if you are needing to hang a small craft to dry.  Simply place it on curtain rod until the item is dry.

9.  For woman, depending on the weight of your purses that need stored, these hooks may just possibly work, and keep a closet organized.  For men, they may come in handy to hold a few ties or belts. 

10.  Hang a few in your kitchen to air dry reusable muslin teabags for tea making.

11. Use one to hold a hat after coming in from the garden or yard work.

12.  Use several to decorate an easy-up tent with, or hang items to sell at a Farmer's Market (or craft show).

What other ideas do you have?