Thursday, December 27, 2012

Scrap Fabric Yo-Yo Christmas Tree Ornament

What you need:

~scraps of fabric (cotton works best)
~large canning lid (wide)
~pen to trace with
~white thread and sewing needle
~tiny fabric scraps
~scrap ribbon or twine (or other string) for a hanger

1.  Using the wide canning lid, trace circles onto several different patterns of fabric.  One tree ornament will require  six circles.

2. Sew each circle into a yo-yo.  For this ornament I folded the edge down about 1/4 inch and ran my thread through as shown, then pulled it tight, and created my yo-yo.  To see how to sew a yo-yo, you can search tutorials on YouTube or other sites on-line.

 3. Arrange the yo-yo's to form a tree, with one, then two underneath that, and then another three underneath (see very top photo).

4.  Sew yo-yo's together, from the backsides, of where they touch. 

5. Cut a piece of scrap material about 1 1/2 inches wide by 4 inches long.  Turn right sides together, by folding cut ends at one end and a fold at the other. Using a straight stitch on a sewing machine, or hand sew, the right and left side (referring to the above photo).  Leave the top open. Turn inside out.  This is your tree trunk.

6.  Fill the tree truck with the tiny scraps you cannot do anything else with. 

7. Gently fold down the inside about 1/4 inch and sew to the back of the bottom middle yo-yo.

8.  This is the point in which I recommend taking an iron and gently iron the back and front to shape the ornament.

9.  Sew a button to the middle (front) of the top yo-yo, but catch the thread through the bottom of whatever you use for the hanger, on the backside.  Here we used scrap ribbon.  You could use anything that you can sew onto the ornament (scrap twine etc.)
10.  Sew a button onto the remainder of the yo-yo's by bringing the thread in from the backside, and knotting on the backside.
 Front View

 Back view 

Note:  Make these a bit smaller by using a regular size canning lid for a template. 

This ornament will measure about 4 3/4 inches by 3 3/4 inches.

See How to Make A Canning Lid Template for more recycling fun!

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I used to have a template for yo-yo' was card stock. I've not made any yo-yo's in a long time. The Canning lid is the perfect size. Thanks for the tip.
The Christmas tree from yo-yo's is a cutie!