Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yo Yo Fabric Brooches

Here's a fun way to use sewn fabric yo-yo's to embellish many accessories.  We made these using scrap fabric, buttons, and a pin.  These can easily be attached and removed as desired.

Items you need:
-scrap fabric, thread and needle
-free on-line instructions on sewing yo-yo's
-pin back for each brooch (link shows an example)
-strong glue, such as E6000
Ideas to Embellish With:
~ Tote bags
~ Scarves
~ Jackets
~ Purses
~ Household or Camper items
~ Tableclothes
~ Hats 
~ Fabric lunch bags
~ Aprons

Simply enter "how to make fabric yo-yo's" in to your computer's search bar, and enter.  You will find several tutorials on-line to help you. Make sets in two sizes for theses. Note:  We used a wide canning lid as a template for the smaller yo-yo in the photo.

Once you have your yo-yo's sewn, layer them with the larger one on the back and the small one on the top.  Sew your button on the top cent as shown in the photo.  

Turn your brooch over and glue a pinback to the backside.  We used E6000 glue for our brooches.  Follow drying instructions that are printed on the glue tube.

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