Monday, October 6, 2014

Canning Lid Christmas Tree Ornament

Recycle used canning lids into handmade Christmas ornaments.

Items needed:

~ used regular canning lids
~ nail and hammer
~ acrylic paint, white
~ small, flat edged paint brush
~ 8 mm jump ring and jewelry pliers
~ Clear spray sealer, gloss
~ scrapbooking stickers, anything with silver or colors that will sparkle on a Christmas tree with lights (the stickers I used were 2 inches in diameter
~ ornament hangers or recycled supplies to create a hanger
~ newspapers
~ scrap piece of wood or safe work area to use the hammer and nail

1.  Wash and dry the lids with Dawn soap (to remove any possible grease).  Using a thin nail and hammer, gently press a hole into the edge of the canning lid. Do this over a scrap piece of wood or safe work surface.

2. Place lids silver-side up, on newspaper or safe painting surface.  Spray each lid with one coat of clear coat and allow to dry.

3.  Using the paint brush and white paint, carefully paint the inner portion of the front side of the canning lid, leaving a bit of silver showing. Allow to dry, and repaint if necessary. This may require two to three coats of white paint.

4.  When you have enough coats of paint on the canning lid, spray one coat of clear coat over the lids again (painted side).  Allow to dry.

5. Place the sticker to the lid, centering it (painted side).  

6.  Carefully add the jump ring to the lid, where you created a hole with the nail. Use jewelry pliers if necessary (being watchful to not scratch the painted area).  You can skip this step and simply run scrap string, ribbon or an ornament through the hole.

6.  Add the hanger.  We used a recycled piece of necklace.

Tip:  Using a permanent marker, personalize the backside or date the ornament.  

These are not limited to sparkle stickers either.  Create a mosaic or creation using plastic rhinestones, buttons, fabric, sand and seashells, old dog tags, dried flowers (or leaves), an animals paw print using paint, or words clipped from newspapers and magazine.  

With the help of an adult, young kids can use their thumb print to create a memorable ornament too.

I liked the silver edge of this ornament, although you can paint the entire lid as well.  

Happy Ornament Making!

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