Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Magnetic Clipboard with Note Pad and Pen

I had been gifted with a box of fabric scraps from a few people who sew often.  I decided to create these fun magnetic clipboards.   If you are raising a family, you might be finding it difficult to keep a pen in one place for notes.  I found this works pretty good.  You can add a string to make sure pen and clipboard don't get separated as well.  I tied another scrap of fabric to the top for additional decoration.
Items needed:

- one 5 x 7 inch clipboard (recycled hardboard or wood)
- spray paint (your choice)
- clear coat spray
- one writing pen
- scrap fabric
- pinking shears
- clear drying craft glue
- butcher string or other string
- strong magnets (several for the clipboard and one for the pen, we used 4 round magnets for the clipboard and one for the pen)
- strong crafting glue
- newspapers or safe painting surface (well ventilated)

1. Spray paint the clip board (front side), allowing it to dry in between coats.  Allow final coat to dry 24 hours.  

2. Spray a coat of clear coat over the painted side to seal paint.  Allow to dry.

3. Using pinking shears, cut strips of scrap fabric to edge the front sides with.  Glue them in place using clear drying craft glue. Allow to completely dry.

4. Turn the clipboard over and glue a magnet to each corner, using the strong craft glue (or the center if you are using a large flat magnet).  Glue one magnet to the upper portion of the writing pen.

5. Optional:  With a piece of cut string, tie one end to the clip on the clipboard and the other end to the pen.

Tips and Ideas:
~ Gift for Christmas or birthdays
~ Gift students to use in their lockers
~ Keep one in the garage or barn for notes
~ Keep one on the fridge for a grocery or shopping list

* in place of scrap fabric, using scraps of rickrack or other trim.
* trim the edge with tiny buttons recycled from other items


Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I need one of these where ever there is a magnetic surface to accommodate me!
this is so cute. I love the choice of fabric.
I'd probably most definitely use what I have on hand.
I like it being a gift idea.

Kristina said...

Patricia, I used what fabric I had on hand (what was gifted) and I love the way it turned out. Such a neat way to use small scraps of fabric.