Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tape Dispenser Ring Christmas Tree

Create these adorable decorations for Christmas, by recycling empty tape dispenser rings.

Items Needed:

- 6 empty transparent tape dispenser rings
- strong craft glue
- colorful chenille stems
- scissors

Safe work surface

1. First glue a row of 3 tape dispenser rings together, then a set of two.

2. Next, glue the two pieces together as shown, and glue on the very top one. Allow this to dry completely.

3. Next, place a ring flat, and glue the "tree" to the stand you just created.

4. Decorate your tree however you please.  We used silver and blue chenille stems to add some fun color and glimmer to our tree.  We cut 4 1/2 inch pieces of silver chenille stem and gently pressed them into the tape dispenser ring crevices (a small flat head screwdriver helps with this part).  You can glue this in place and even decorate both sides of the tree.  We simply twisted the chenille stems to decorate the tree stem, but you can add glue to secure it.

These are fun to use as holiday table decorations, for sitting in windows, gifting, or just placing around the home.

More Ideas:

 ~ glue miniature beads, items, or other small decorations in the inside of the rings.

 ~ add decor to the outside of the rings.

 ~ use glitter, beaded string or buttons to decorate.

 ~ spray paint the rings.

 ~ trace the rings over recycled Christmas cards, and glue them top side up, on the backside of the ring (so it shows through it).


Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

These would be cute wrapped with scraps of green yarn! even the fuzzy green yarn would make these cute with little chenille balls on them... and they look small enough to adorn a package too!

Kristina said...

Patricia, the balls are another good idea. The trees are light in weight too.