Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Golf Tee Snowman Ornament

Here is another easy handmade Christmas ornament.  It's made from one white golf tee, a wooden bead painted white and glued to the golf tea, scrap rick rack, and a plastic top hat.  

Note:  Having a scrap piece of styrofoam around, while making these, helps in the painting and gluing process.  Simply press the pointed end of the golf tee into the styrofoam.

I'm not sure if you will able to locate the same top hats that I did, but there are so many possibilities of creating a hat for these cute ornaments (button and pony bead, scrap craft foam or other scraps).

I also made a Santa ornament using a golf tee.  I'll post a photo of that one soon.  

These are fun for everyone, especially someone who loves to play golf.  

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