Friday, December 7, 2012

Candy Apple Christmas Tree Ornament

Many of you may have seen me post this ornament on my other blog, but I'm posting it here with directions.

What you need:
~small plastic apple ornaments (I found these at the Dollar Tree, with leaves and hangers already attached)

~wooden skewer

~scissors to cut skewer (or small hand saw)

~bird seed 

~white glue

~paint brush

~mini muffin liners that are silver 

~awl or other tool to pierce hole in the apple

1.  Cut a piece of one wooden food skewer to make a stick for the candy apple.

2.  Pierce a small hole into the top of the apple, and using glue, gently press the skewer into the apple.  Allow the glue to dry.

3.  Apply glue to the inside of the mini muffin liner (bottom and sides).  Set aside for next step.

4. Using a paint brush, apply a layer of glue to the bottom half of the apple.  Dip the glued area into the bird seed and cover evenly.

5.  Gently place the bird seed covered apple into the mini liner and allow to dry.

Note:  I was able to by a package of small apples for $1.00. It also contained 6 apples, so this was a very frugal ornament to make.  

Tip:  Watch for end of summer sales for wooden skewers.  I found an entire package for $.17.  Also check your local dollar stores for skewers.               

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Again! cute idea.
No. I didn't see this on the other I must run and check that one out!
have a great weekend my frugal friend! Pat