Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ways to Recycle Metal Coffee Cans

Before you buy storage containers or throw out your coffee cans and lids, consider other ways to reuse them. Also, if you cannot use the cans, take them to your local recycling center. Here are ideas to keep the landfills from filling up. Wash and dry your used coffee cans and lids.

1. With large coffee cans and rope, make a set of coffee can stilts for kids to play with.

2. Use large and small coffee cans to store makeup brushes, kitchen utensils, garage tools, gardening tools, or writing and office utensils.

3. Use a coffee can to collect raffle tickets or money. With a sharp knife or scissors (and parental assistance), cut a slot into the plastic lid to slide tickets or money into.

4. Make coffee can ice cream.

5.  Visit often for more ideas!

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