Monday, November 29, 2010

Use Up Leftover Yarn Scraps ~ Make Handmade Christmas Gifts ~ 16 Ideas

16 Ways to Use Up Leftover Yarn (and other threads) This Christmas

1. Make and give an  iPod/MP3 Cozy
Crochet or Knit (Several Free Patterns on the Internet)
I crocheted this one in rounds, added the top tab and loop, and sewed on the button.

2. Make and Give Chapstick holders

3. Make and Give a Drum Stick Pouch

4. Make and Give Cup Coasters

5. Make and Give Napkin Rings

6. Make and Give Bookmarks 

7. Make and Give Dish Towel Toppers

8. Make and Give Baby Booties

9. Make and Give Toy Bunnies

10. Use leftover yarn to tie around gifts instead of buying ribbon.

11. Use leftover yarn to tie ornaments onto trees

12. Give yarn to the birds for nest making

13. Use to tie bows in young girl's hair

14. Make and Give Crocheted Jewelry
Circle Bracelet

15. Make and Give Barefoot Sandals

16. Make and Give Hair Scruchies

I will be back to add more - visit often!


ladaisi said...

A wonderful post. I love knitted cup holders.

Unfortunately I can't knit. I can only crochet. Which I suppose would work also, but it's not as much fun (or so I hear).

- Lauren

Judy Nolan said...

I linked to your site in my blog post, "New ideas for scrap yarn." Just thought you'd want to know!