Friday, November 5, 2010

33 Ways to Reuse a Canning or Mason Jar

Canning, or also called Mason jars, are so versitle.  They can be used in many other ways, other than canning foods.

Here are 32 ways to use your extra, used, or leftover canning  or mason jars
(with or without lids)

Idea #1:  Food Storage
Once you open bagged food, store the remaining in a used canning jar.  This is a safe way to store food, keep it fresh longer, and keep bugs and mice out.  Store homemade dry mixes, herb mixes, and other foods.

2.  Collect bugs

3.  Gifts in a Jar that include recipes or simply dry hot chocolate mix.

4.  Button storage/Pin Cushion or Sewing Kit

5.  Craft Storage (see photo idea under Bathroom Storage)
You can simply store jars on a shelf, filled with craft supplies.
 Store any small craft supplies or use them to hold markers, paint brushes or pencils.

6.  Bathroom Storage (cotton balls, Q-tips)

7. Make a nice holder for matches.  
Glue a piece of sand paper to the top of the canning lid, glue or tie ribbon to decorate, and fill the jar with large stick matches. (See MaryJanes Farm Magazine, Dec-Jan 20011 issue, page 65)

8. Store dried herbs.

9.  Utensil holder for everyday or party use.

10. Store Honey.

11. Make candles in a jar

12. Use for Candle Holders or Chandeliers

13. Make a soap dispenser.

14. Make snow globes

15. Use them for drinking glasses.
Fill jars with lemonade, iced tea or other drink, attach a jar lid and take along for a picnic.  Use
for every day drinking.

16. Make an electrical lamp
(Link for this project is not longer available)

Directions for making a hanging lamp using a mason jar -

For a counter top lamp with lamp shade, visit this site for directions:

17. Make and Store Bath Salts

18. Make a Bird Feeder
Simply attach a 1 quart jar to this.

19.  Turn the above bird feeder into a candy dispenser.

20.  Make a Garden in a Jar or Terrarium

21.  Make Gel Air Freshners

22. Use for a flower vase

23. Camping
Store butter inside a canning jar and place in cooler with ice.
The jar keeps the butter safely contained, easy to use, and helps it last longer.
Use it to pack coffee grounds, dish soap, dry laundry soap or any other
item that needs stored securely for camping.  Bring along canning jars filled
with a favorite beverage, scrambled eggs, or pancake mix.

24. Use as a Money Holder

25. Store collections.
Store small collections such as buttons, seashells, rocks, keys or other
small items.  Display the jars on shelves.

26. Water Container
Fill jars with water, add the lid, and take along for pets while traveling or walking.

27. Table Center Piece Holders
Fill with colored sand, dried flowers, fresh flowers,
fruit, lollipops, licorice, or other decorative items.

28.Chore Jar
Write several chores for kids on scraps of paper.
Place them inside the jar,and have each child
pick from jar to complete chores.

29.  Journal Prompt Jar
Write or type several journal prompts and cut to separate them individually.
Fold them up, and place them into a canning jar.
Simply pull one for writing motivation or idea.

30. Straw Holder
Fill a canning or mason jar with straws.
Coffee stir sticks can fit nicely into one, cover with a lid, and store in
a kitchen cupboard.

31. Freezer Container
Reuse canning jars to store fresh snipped, washed and dried (flash frozen or
simply air dry) green onions and chives

32. Store Leftover Coffee
Pour cooled, leftover coffee into a canning jar and place it in the fridge to make iced coffees for a treat later.

33. Use to Store Goat's Milk After Milking