Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vintage Potato Masher Helper

Items Needed:
~Table saw or hand saw
~Scrap wood
~Wooden handled potato masher (as shown)
~Drill and 1/16th drill bit
~2 Wood Staples
~2 Mug hooks
~Pliers, two
~Safe work surface or scrap wood to put underneath

 (drill bit, wood staples, mug hooks)

We used an old piece of barn wood for this project.  I found the wooden handled potato masher at the thrift store for $.50.  You can also find these at flea markets, garage sales and yard sales.  Antique stores have them, but expect to spend $5.00 and up for them.

1. Cut a piece of wood to fit under the bottom of the potato masher. Remember to use work gloves and safety glasses.  Clean the wood with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water if needed.  Allow the wood to dry.  This will be needed for old barn wood.

2.  Position the masher onto the cut wood.  Using the hammer, hammer down both wood staples where you desire, over the bottom of the potato masher. Do this on a work surface or another piece of wood.  If your wood is thinner than the staple, simple turn it over and hammer in the pointed ends.  You can also remove the tips using a hand grinder, but be sure to use safely glasses and use work gloves.

3. Using the 1/16th drill bit, drill a hole on opposite sides of the wooden handle.  For this one, we used two different heights.  Once the starter holes are finished, hand screw your mug screws into the handle.  Use pliers to help if it becomes difficult to twist your mug screw into the handle.

Note:  We used two pairs of pliers to bend one hook wider to accommodate the roll of tape.

That's it!  

We found this idea in a flea market magazine (I apologize, but I can't recall the full name of the magazine).  This was fun to make, and we are always in search for a pair of scissors in the house, or in the barns.

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

That is so cool! I see things like this in magazines...but never make them. Your's is great and useful!