Monday, April 2, 2012

Drawer Organizer ~ Easter Basket ~ Gift Basket

If you buy produce that is sold in plastic containers, you may like this idea.  You can also use plastic containers from take-out and more.

Many recycling centers will take this type of plastic.  However, our recycling center does not.  I try to save them separate and drive them to another town, but  it's not always convenient.

Items Needed:
 ~ newspaper
 ~ scissors
 ~ plastic food containers (from strawberries, or other food)
 ~ 1 inch wide paint brush
 ~ decoupage medium
 ~ scrap tissue paper

1. Wash and dry a plastic food container.

2. Cut the lid from the bottom. Note:  You can trim the top of your bottom portion, to remove ridges if you prefer.  For this one we did not, and it worked out nicely.

3. Cut strips of newspaper.

4. Using Decoupage and a paint brush, layer the cut strips of paper and decoupage them to the container.  You will have to do one side and allow it to dry, then decoupage the other side.  Cover the inside and outside completely.

Next, add some color to your new storage container/Easter basket/gift basket.  You can leave it as is, or do the next step.

5. Cut strips of tissue paper.  Using decoupage and a paint brush, glue the strips to the inside of the container. Create several with different colors of tissue paper.

Use your new containers for organizing kitchen, bathroom, office, or other area room drawers and shelves.

Use them for Easter baskets.  Handles can be added easily.

Use them to give gifts in.

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