Friday, April 1, 2011

Make it with Bottle Caps

Bottle Cap Keychains

To make these, you will need a very small drill bit, and a drill.  Drill a hole into the top inside rim, on a safe surface.  I use a scrap piece of wood.  Attach a jump ring, you may need 2 of them if your attachment (Keychain) does not have one.  These types of attachments can be purchased at most craft stores.  These are fun to make, great gifts for kids getting their license and make nice gifts for sending "fun" mail to someone.

Bottle Cap Magnets

To make these, simple wash and dry metal bottle caps from beverages, apply a dab of strong glue to the backside, place a strong round magnet on the glue and allow it to completely dry.  For our magnets, we purchased round magnets at the discount store, applied glue on top of the one magnet, and applied a second magnet.  This creates a heavier and stronger magnet.  We love giving these as gifts, using them around the homestead, and more.  The kids love using them in their lockers at school.   The also make nice thank you gifts, teacher gifts, and more.

I have also seen jewelery, such as earrings and necklaces made from bottle caps.  I just may have to make a few of those too.  Although, it's getting harder to find beverages sold in glass bottles.  Most beverages are now produced in plastic bottles, with plastic lids (which are very difficult to recycle).  There is one place that does recycle plastic caps:  Aveda Salons.


Karrieann said...
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Karrieann said...

..Hahahaaaha! You're killing me! Those are great! I sure can see them as earrings!

Karen said...

Cute idea! DH is a die hard Dr. Pepper fan and it'd be a hoot to make one for him (or me!)