Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cereal Box Journals

These turned out very nice.

Simply cut the front and back of a large cereal box, and trace an 8 1/2 x 11 inch rectangle.  I used a piece of sturdy card stock to track these.  When you cut them out, cut outside your tracing line, to make the cover and back slightly larger than the paper you will include. 

We used 100% recycled copy paper, and took them to a copy center.  The plastic binding was attached for less than $5.00 (USD).  You can fill your journals with any recycled paper, but pages must all be the same size, and flat.  Ask you copy center for prices and thickness of bindings.  We made these about 3/4 inch thick.  Now, each of my kids wants a cereal box journal.

These are great gifts for kids, adults, teachers, and groups.  Journaling is fun and these blank pages allow for more creativity.

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Katmom said...

I just popped over (from MJF forum) to peek into your blog...OMG! luv the crafty re-use/re-purpose ideas...Thanx for sharing...