Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fabric yo-yos ~ Recycling furniture store fabric samples

There is no end to what you can make with fabric yo-yos.  I made a small table cover with several using a pattern on-line for making placemats.  Can you imagine making an entire quilt coverlet with these?   This project took me about 10 hours.  Here are links for helping you make fabric yo-yo's and the past links for where this fabric came from.


Recycling Furniture Store Fabric Samples

Scrappy Yo-Yo Placemat (Instructions)


Katmom said...

hey Kristina, I know this post is from 2010, yaya, I am a wee bit slow! lol!.. any ways, I too luv YOYO's and as easy as they are to make,,, it dose take quite awhile to amass enough yoyos for a project.. but, they are so cute.
I was fortunate to find & buy a yoyo quilt (twin size) at a Thrift for $9.00,, Talk about a Score!

Kristina said...

Katmom, I am still trying to make them for my Christmas tree garland. You got a great price. I once saw one for sale at an antique store, but the tag was missing and they could not get ahold of the seller.