Thursday, May 6, 2010

Recycling Fabric ~ Furniture Store Sample Books

To recycle furniture store fabric sample books, simply pull up on the top cardboard to release staples (or glue).  Gently pull each piece of fabric.  The string handle can also be untied from underneath and reused.

With the CD circle template (also on S.C.R.A.P.), trace and cut circles for fabric yo-yo's.  Keep all remaining scraps of fabric for other crafts.  Click on Scarp Fabric link in the right column of labels on this blog for more ideas.

Keep making fabric yo-yo's until you have enough to complete a table mat, dresser topper, or bed coverlet.  Yo-yo's can be used to decorate fabric purses, hair accessories, clothing, decorative pins, pillows, and so much more.

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