Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Handmade Hay Net for a Horse

Horse hay nets can be handmade, using plastic or nylon twine from hay bales.  Twine comes in handy for so many projects and uses.

My photos are not too good (photos updated 1/26/13), as the temperatures here are below zero, and my camera was not cooperating with those temperaturesIf we get a break in weather, I will re-take these photos, so you can see the net better.

I found the instructions on how to make these, at EQUISEARCH on-line, but there are other patterns on other sites as well.  I found this easy to make as well.

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Reecea Henderson said...

Excellent idea! When we had horses, we ended up with blue twine and baling wire EVERYWHERE. Reusing it to benefit the horses makes perfect sense.