Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to Make a Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree ~ Christmas Tree Ornament

Items needed:

long cinnamon sticks
artificial evergreen stems or garland that you can cut from 
scrap twine, ribbon
optional:  wooden star, paint, paint brush
glue gun and glue stick for it

1. Cut pieces of artificial evergreen in sections to that each piece is a bit larger than the last, as shown in the photo.

2. Glue them to the cinnamon stick and allow to dry.  

3. Glue on ribbons tied in bows, twine tied in bows, start at the top, bells and buttons. Allow to dry.

4.Turn over and glue twine tied for a hanger.



Katmom said...

what a cute idea for a 'gift tag'

p.s. sent yo an email via MJF.

HoHoHo & Bingle jells!

Susan said...

What an adorable ornament! Plus you have the added benefit of a lovely smell. This is a great blog!

bibliobethica said...

This is so cute. I'm guessing there are cinnamon sticks at The Dollar Store. I had a hard time finding your post - you may want to correct "cinnamon". Thanks for the great idea!