Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Homemade Soap Dispenser

While shopping in Amish Country I saw very cute soap dispensers.  Of course, the prices are sky high, and looking at it, I figured anyone can make these.  

You can use any glass jar and metal lid.   Smaller canning jars would be cute too, but for the one we made, we recycled a food jar.  The lid and jar are from Tahini I bought at the store.   

The pump itself is recycled from a Bath & Body lotion dispenser I received as a gift.  Once the jars were empty, they were washed and dried.  The dispenser itself had a much longer tube underneath that required being cut.   

The lid was drilled through with a hand drill (using proper safety), and secured inside the lid with a tie strap.  Now we can refill our soap dispenser with bulk soap, or make our own.

Update:  Spray your lid with a few coats of acrylic spray prior to using it.  Allow it to dry.  Otherwise a metal lid will rust after a long use of it.  Although I have not tried it yet, you could also use a spray on rust metal primer as well, to protect against rust.

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