Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finding New Uses for Empty Valentine's Day Candy Boxes


Wash and dry the bottom of an empty heart candy box.  The one in the photo contains a molded plastic bottom, which works perfect for a small jewelry box.  Simply place jewelry inside.
Use acrylic paints to paint the top (outside).  You will need to paint more than one coat of paint.  Let dry between each coat, and decorate.

Kids love to do crafts on cold wintery or very hot summer days.  Recycle your old Valentine's Day candy heart boxes into new uses.

Other ideas:

Decoupage the top with your favorite photo, or recycle old wall calendars pictures, recycle old magazine pictures, recycle food labels or other pictures.

Glue small items to the top, after you have painted it.  Embellishments could be small seashells, buttons, beads, recycled small items such as an old key or broken jewelry.

Embellishing ideas:
~small seashells
~broken jewelry
~playing cards
~miniature tools 
~foam stickers
~seals or stickers
~photos from a magazine

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