Monday, November 8, 2021

Bottle Cap Canning Lid Christmas Tree Ornament


Items Needed:

-Bottle Cap with design (typically found on some beer bottles)

We found these snowflake pattern bottle caps. If you don't have anything like these caps, you can also paint bottle caps, and spray with a gloss or matte clear coat.

(before starting see the optional tip at the very bottom of this post)

-used canning lid (not the rim, just the lid)

-scrap fabric (design and color your choice)

If needed, iron your scrap fabric.  I purchased a travel iron and travel ironing pad.  It works great for craft projects as well as taking on travel trips.

-decoupage and brush

-mini white tree garland (or trim of your choice) or any decorative trim

-scrap string or ribbon (for hanger)

-small plastic crafting rhinestones, clear

-glue gun and glue, or E6000 glue

-fabric scissors

-jewelry tweezers to add the flat back rhinestones easier

-pen to trace lid on fabric

Step one:

Cut scrap ribbon/string and glue to backside of canning lid and allow to dry.

Step two:

Trace the canning lid onto the back side of scrap fabric and cut out.  Brush decoupage to the top of the canning lid and press the cut fabric onto it.  Smooth out if needed and allow to dry.

Step three: 

Glue trim or garland around the edge of the canning lid.  Glue the bottle cap to the center of the lid and allow to dry.

See "optional" below

Step four:

Glue a clear crafting rhinestone if preferred.

Optional:  Glue trim on backside of bottle cap, or after gluing the cap onto the fabric, glue beaded string or other trim around the bottle cap.

Tips:  Add a tiny bow or other accents, sign and date the back using a permanent marker.

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