Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Recycled Lid Christmas Tree Ornament

Many of you may remember my post on making a "barnyard" lid ornament, and this is similar to that, but using other photos and techniques.

Items needed:

~ metal jar lid (we used a sauce jar lid), washed and dried
~ computer printed photo, printed in a size to fit the inside of the lid
~Matte 1311 spray (we used Krylon)
~white glue and decoupage
~flat edged, small paint brush
~drill and 7/64 drill bit, and safe working surface (we used a scrap block of wood)
~small beads, scrap beads, or any beads of your choice (read through instructions to see how they are used)
~1/8 inch ribbon, about 8 inches
~large eye needle 

Step 1:
Print a photo from your computer - a memory, pet, favorite summer event, flowers, animals, or anything you would like to display on your ornament.  

Step 2:  
In a safe area, spray a few coats of Matte finish spray over the printed  photo, prior to cutting anything.

Step 3:  
Trace the smaller circle over the section of printed photo.  You can also use a compass to draw a circle the same diameter of the center, inside area of the lid.  Cut the circle out using scissors.

Step 4:  
Using a drill and 7/64 drill bit, drill a hole into the rim of the lid.

Step 5: 
Paint the top of the lid.  We used chrome colored spray paint.  Allow to dry.

Step 6:
Mix a small dab of white glue and decoupage (even amounts), and paint a thin layer of it into the lid.  Place the printed photo into the lid gently.  Allow to dry.

Step 7:
Using the large eye needle, thread both cut ends of the ribbon, into the needle and then into the hole that was drilled into the lid (going from outside to inside).  Do not pull the ribbon all the way through.  Remove needle, and knot the cut ends.  Pull the top loop of the ribbon up and away from the lid, and secure the inside with a dab of white glue.  Allow to dry.

Step 8:
Using the white glue, place a thin line of glue around the outer edge of the photo.  Sprinkle very small beads onto the glue and allow to dry.  You can also simply arrange a variation of larger colored beads around the photo.

Tips and Notes:

~ we found that spraying the printed photo keeps it from yellowing over the years, however, it is not waterproof.

~ decorate the outer edge of the lid with rick rack, ribbon, or other scrap materials.

~ save beads from broken jewelry for scrap projects such as this one.

~ cut photos from old postcards in place of a printed photo.

~skip Step 4, and simply glue ribbon to the outer edge, and add a hanger from the back or top of the lid.


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I have made Jam Jar tops into Photo Fridge Magnets in the past but never thought of making them into Christmas Tree Decorations. What a brilliant idea. Marion x

Katrina Bogdon, ND said...
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Katrina Bogdon, ND said...

These are great! Thank you so much for sharing. What a great idea for all my one piece canning jar lids.