Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recycle Old Jeans ~ Shower Curtain or Curtain

Using the basic instructions here:

How to sew a curtain using old jeans

The above link inspired me to sew a shower curtain or doorway curtain from old jeans.  My tips, in addition to this article are:

*Cut a 10 x 10 inch square from an empty cereal box for a template.  Use a rotary cutter on a cutting board, to cut your squares easily.
 You can sew a seam at the top to push a shower rod through, or sew tabs along the top with smaller pieces of leftover denim.  You could also sew quilt backing using an old sheet and use this for picnics or camping. 

These new curtains are nice and thick for keeping cold air in or out of a room, depending on the season.  So don't throw your ripped, tattered, and stained jeans in the garbage.  Find fun and creative ways to make something new.

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