Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to Recycle Oxygen Tubing

A person, who is required to be on oxygen, will probably go through a lot of clear rubber tubing. If you know someone who is on oxygen, ask them for their old tubing. If you are on oxygen, don't through your tubing out. Donate it to a SCRAP store, recycle it, or give to an organization that makes crafts. There are many uses for it.

1. Make these very unique Christmas Tree Ornaments.

2. Use cut portions of the tubing to make handles for a handmade gift box. Use brads or eyelets to attach each side to the gift box or bag.

3. Use it in the Garden/Yard.
Use it to tie up shrubs or young trees to secure it as it matures.

4. Make Jewelry.
Cut the tubing to make bracelets. Oxygen tubing has a very thin hole inside, so you would need very tiny items to fill the inside of it, then secure the ends together. As in the Christmas ornament directions (see #1), a small cut piece of recycled drink pouch straw works great!

5. Make Play Food.
Cut the tubing into 1-2 inch pieces and fill them with colored string for play food for kids. Yellow yarn and a yarn needle work great to make play Macaroni and Cheese. If your yarn is not thick enough to stay in the tubing, dab glue on it just before you pull it through. You can also recycle yellow drink pouch straws. Dab glue on the side and insert it into a cut piece of tubing. Cut the straw to fit, and let dry. CAUTION: This is a choking hazard so be sure to keep it away from young children and pets!


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