Monday, February 20, 2012

Re-Purpose Food Mesh Bags ~ Kids Bible Study Craft ~ Fisher's of Men

Plastic food mesh (or net) bags can be saved and used to make a Bible Study Craft.

If children are too young to use a glue gun, white glue can be used, but will take longer to dry.

Items Needed: 
4 large Popsicle sticks
mesh bags from onions, lemons, limes or other foods (washed and dried)
Glue gun and glue or white glue
Scrap string
Craft foam
Pen to trace or draw

1. Cut figures from 3 colors of craft foam.  You can use a small gingerbread man cookie cutter or locate a template on-line.  Cut the figures out.  Tip:  Use material that can be recycled in place of craft foam.

2. Write your Bible verse onto two wooden sticks.
 Various translations of Bible verse Matthew 4:19

3. Cut the mesh bag so that the top and bottom are the cut edges.  Place one stick down as shown, place a line of glue on it.  Next, place the mesh bag end on, add more glue if needed.  Top it with a second stick (will have the last portion of the Bible verse on it).  Allow to dry a bit.

4. Fill the mesh bag with cut out figures.

5. Place blank stick down and place glue on it.   Tie knots in each end of scrap string, and place it on the stick making sure the knots are under where the sticks come together as shown. 

4. Place the top portion of the mesh bag over the stick and glued on hanger (Add more glue if needed). 

5. Place the stick, that has the beginning of the Bible verse on top.  Allow everything to dry before hanging on a wall.

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