Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paper Weight Art

The clear tops to these COVERGIRL make-up containers can be created into whimsical paper weights.

You can create one in any style and use almost any scrap supplies you have on hand.

For the above paper weight, I washed and dried the clear part of the make-up container.  I removed the sticker and used an adhesive remover to remove any leftover residue.

The backside of this particular one, is a used canning lid.  I have sprinkled the white side with glue and glitter and allowed it to dry. 

The back of the canning lid is covered with scrap material, attached with a thin layer of glue.

Using a strong, clear drying glue, attach items onto the canning lid and allow to dry.

Place a layer of glue around bottom edge of clear lid, and place down on top of canning lid.  Allow to dry.

There will be a small edge of lid remaining.  Use scrap cording or twine to cover the edge using glue.  Allow to dry.

I used a scrap piece of twine that comes around our bales of straw.  You could use anything that you prefer to jazz up our new piece of art.

Background ideas:
~scrap wall paper
~scrap fabric
~scrap pictures or ads from magazines
~a photograph
~paint a picture 
~food wrappers
~old calendar pictures
~pages from old books or phone books

Inside ideas:
~mini playing cards
~old keys
~broken jewelry
~junk jewelry
~foreign coins
~broken hair accessories
~quill and glue on a small project
~dried flowers
~dog tags
~old movie or other tickets and stubs
~post marked stamps
~cut pieces of yarn leftover from cutting ends on crochet and knit projects
~broken watch pieces

There are so many ideas to make these.

Tip:  Keep the bottom portion of the container, and use it in place of the canning lid.  Place a few photos inside the opposite side, where the make-up applicator is stored.  Remove the applicator sponge, wash and dry it, and glue in your photos.  Or use that section of it to hide a key.

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ladaisi said...

What a cool idea! You could probably expand on this and do something similar for coasters too. Might be fun.

I just saw a pinterest link wherein they made bookmarks out of paint sample strips from Lowes - what an AWESOME idea!