Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Old Christmas Cards Make New Gift Tags and Canning Jar Toppers

If you are giving home canned foods (anything in a canning jar), dig out those Christmas cards you saved from last year. 

Trace your lid over the area you desire to cut out, and place it between the top of your lid and under your jar rim.

 (Jars of Cinnamon Honey Butter, sitting on a placemat made from recycled Christmas cards and covered with clear contac paper)

Tie on a recycled card also, or simply write on the card topper itself.


Unknown said...

Smart idea! Especially since these jars are usually ugly ;-)

SPH said...

This is so clever - I have a bunch of old Christmas cards that I saved for "someday" and now I can use them for Christmas day. Thanks so much for sharing!

Ann @ Suburban Prairie Homemaker

mcginniscrew said...

I love this idea!!
One of my most treasured ornaments is made just like this only it has a picture of my son ?(a baby back then)
So i wanted to add that cut out pictures work great with this idea!! God bless!!

Beansieleigh said...

Oh that sweet dog looks very much like my dog.. We have a cocker spaniel.. blondish in color, very much like this one on your ornament!.. Wishing you a great week, and hope you're keeping that Christmas spirit in your heart, as the big day gets closer and closer! ~tina

Lisa Brawner said...

what a clever idea for the cards . I enjoy reading about your ideas