Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Gifting Homemade Granola ~ Recycled Glass Jar and Mason Jar Lids and Rims

Items Needed:
Glass jars washed and dried (we used organic mayo jars)
Scrap fabric - 2 colors
Embroidery floss, needle and scissors
Scrap burlap

Cut your fabric pieces so that a lighter color is smaller than your darker fabric.  Hand embroider "Homemade Granola" into the top fabric.

Embroider the top fabric to the darker fabric.  See *

Cut burlap to fit your jar.  Embroider your label to the burlap.

*It may also be easier to embroider the back piece onto the burlap first, then embroider on the top piece last using sewing pins.

Glue the finished piece to the jar.

Tip:  Remove the plastic lid, and replace it with a recycled Mason jar lid and rim.  

Tip:  Use the plastic jar lid (our lid fit any jar that fit a regular size canning lid) to use on other canning jars, for making jars of homemade lotions/salves, such as homemade neosporin, homemade "vick's" vapor rub, and homemade vasoline.

Fill your jar with homemade granola and gift.  Recipe can be located at my Pioneer Woman at Heart Blogspot.

You could also fill the jar with homemade hot cocoa and embroider "Homemade Hot Cocoa" for another gift idea.  Recipe for hot cocoa is located at my Pioneer Woman at Heart Blogspot.

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