Sunday, November 4, 2018

Mini Crocheted Christmas Tree and Snowflake Earrings

The patterns are not mine, but with a small adjustment of yarn size and/or crochet hook, these earrings come out to the perfect size for the holidays, and use up small amounts of scrap crochet thread.

Items needed:
Cotton #10 crochet thread: red, green, and white
Crochet hook #7 (steel)
Needle to sew in ends
Fish hook earrings
jump rings
scrap beads - optional

To make the Christmas tree earrings, use this pattern:

Mini Crochet Christmas Tree Earrings Tutorial (YouTube tutorial)

Simply use the crochet thread and hook size, mentioned under "items needed" to make these the perfect size for earrings.  Add a gold bead at the top using craft glue, or by sewing one on.  Her tutorial shows how to attach the jump ring and earring wire.

To make the mini snowflake earrings, use this pattern:

Simple Snowflake (UK and USA directions)

Simply use the size of white cotton thread and crochet hook mentioned in "items needed" and again, the Christmas tree tutorial above gives instructions on placing the finished snowflakes onto ear wires.

Note:  You can also make them as they are instructed, using larger yarn and hooks, and use them to gift inside cards for lightweight ornaments, or use as applique to decorate gift tags, or other items. Use a #2 crochet hook and #10 crochet thread to make a bit larger of a snowflake and create cute garlands for small spaces (or Christmas Tree pattern).

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