Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Corner to Corner Crochet Scrap Yarn Scarf

I received so many amazing compliments on a scrap yarn I recently crocheted, that I decided to share it on this blog.  I'm sharing the pattern as well.

I simply used up any small balls of yarn, that were too small to use for a blanket.  My photos are the same photos shown on my personal blog, only the pattern is shared here.  I used many different brands of yarn to make this.  I changed yarn colors as I ran out of yarn.  To learn how to change colors, check out all the wonderful tutorials on YouTube.

It was also suggested that these would be wonderful gift ideas.  Here is how I made my scrap yarn scarf:


Items needed:

balls of medium worsted weight leftover (scrap) yarn
crochet hook size H
Scissors, large yarn needle

1. Ch 6, Dc in 4th CH from hook, Dc in next 2 Ch. First block made.  Turn.

2. Ch 6, Dc in 4th Ch from hook, Dc in next 2 Ch, (Sl st, Ch 3, 3 Dc) all in the Ch-3 space of previous row, turn.  Two blocks made.

3. Ch 6, Dc in 4th Ch from hook, Dc in next 2 Ch {(Sl st, Ch 3, 3 Dc) all in next Ch-3 space of previous row}, 2 times, turn (3 blocks made now).

Continue with step 3, adding blocks until you have 8 blocks (just under 6 inches wide, so add more if you want it wider).

When you have the length you like, start decreasing the blocks to finish the scarf.

Ch 6, Dc in 4th Ch from hook, Dc in next two Ch  {Sl st, Ch 3, 3 Dc) all in the next  Ch-3 space from previous row}, continue across until last block, only making 7 blocks to start the decrease, and decrease by one block each of the next rows, (turn, Sl st in the top of the next 3 Dc, and into the Ch-3 space.

Continue this until you have one block left, and simply turn, Sl st into the top of the 3 Dc, and in last Ch-3 space, Fasten off.

Sew in ends.

You could add a border or edge to this if you like, but I simply left it as is, and it turned out beautifully.

If these steps are confusing, you can find very good tutorials online to help assist with this stitch.   Thicker yarn will also change the number of squares to make to get the width of 6 inches.   

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I am slowly learning to Crochet and might try this as I have lots of leftover wool. Thank you for the pattern. Marion x