Sunday, April 17, 2016

Plastic Lids ~ A New Use

It's been a while since I posted on here.  I apologize to all of my followers. 

If you preserve food yourself, and have canning jars and lids on hand, you'll like this idea.

You'll like this idea especially if you make our own lotions, butters, and other items you might use daily.  I have my homemade hand lotion in canning jars with regular lids/rims.  I find taking the lid off and on is cumbersome, and I really didn't want to spend extra money to buy one-piece lids.

One item I buy at the grocery store (which comes in a glass jar) comes with this blue plastic lid.  

I recycled the glass jars into gifts for this next Christmas (will post after those are gifted this Christmas), but removed the plastic lid and put recycled used rims and lids on the glass jar (recycling used lids that can't be used for canning again).  The blue plastic lids cannot be recycled in our area.

This particular lid fits my regular canning jar tops.  I can now recycle them onto hand lotion jars, butters, and even food items I open and close daily.  No fussing around with two pieces.   

The next time you buy a item at the grocery store, check the lid size on your canning jars before you toss it in the trash (unless your recycling center takes that type of plastic).  You can also use the plastic lids on the canning jars for gift giving if preferred.  

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