Friday, October 23, 2015

How to make a miniature crochet hook

There are several handmade Christmas ornaments that I have made that have instructions for making miniature knitting needles, but not a miniature crochet hook.

This is one idea of how I have made a miniature crochet hook for small projects.

Items Needed:

~ long plastic bread tie (I found blue and white long plastic tags on organic potato and carrot bags)
~ sharp scissors

1. Cut the bread tie in half, lengthwise.  Do not worry about the ink.  In most cases, when you trim this, the ink will not be on your miniature crochet hook.

2. Carefully, trim the edges of the cut bread tie to form the shape of a crochet hook.  The arrows above show the sides you want to trim off, and cut edges to create a crochet hook look.  Be careful to not cut yourself.  These are small pieces to trim and hold onto.

These are not round, but do resemble a crochet hook, and are made from a common item found in most homes, that can be recycled.

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