Sunday, September 13, 2015

Simple Twine Decorative Jar

Make a decorative jar by simply using a recycled glass jar, some twine, and a glue gun.   These jars sell in stores for a pretty high price, and you can make them at home for much less.

Crafting glue in general may work, but you'll need a way to hold the twine in place while it dries (depending on the thickness of the twine). 

However, the jar you see in the first photo was created by using tacky glue.  The twine was purchased at a dollar store, and was a perfect texture of twine that held tight to the glue (lighter weight).

Items needed:
-glass jar, washed and dried
-glue gun, glue sticks * or tacky crafting glue
-safe working surface

Tip: Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to remove expiration dates on the glass.

1.  First, estimate the area you'd like to cover on the jar with twine.  Add glue to the jar as you wrap the twine.  Cover part of it or all of it.

2. Cut the twine before you add the last bit of glue to adhere it to the jar.

3.  Allow it to dry completely.

This is a hand wash only jar.  Embellish the jars with tags, ribbons, or anything of your choice.

These are fun to make and can be used for more than a flower vase.  

Other Ideas:

-a pencil holder
-paint brush holder
-hair or makeup supplies
-knitting needles
-spare change
-kitchen utensils
-cotton balls/q-tips
-keep a few on hand for gift giving 
-candle holder (if glass jar permits the heat of the candle).  Some glass food jars are not safe enough to burn a candle in.
-plastic ware when cooking outdoors or gatherings
-candy or other homemade food items (save the lid)

Tip:  Use scrap burlap in place of twine.

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