Monday, November 3, 2014

Tape Dispenser Ring Christmas Tree Ornament

Tape dispenser rings can be created into these unique handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments. Click on "read more" to see how to make them.

Look for brightly colored chenille stems to create these whimsical Christmas tree ornaments.  We located very inexpensive ones at our local dollar store.

If you do not own a versa-tool, you can simply skip the step that involves using it, and glue a miniature accent to the inside of the tape dispenser ring.  It's all optional.

Items needed:

-empty transparent tape dispenser ring
-14, 10mm crystal plastic faceted beads (this may very depending on the size of your ring)
-chenille stem (one per ornament)
-bead string, various colors
-strong crafting glue
-versa tool, heating element to create hole in the ring
-safe surface or pot holder to set versa-tool on
-optional:  waxed paper 
ornament hanger

1. Plug in the versa-tool, and allow to heat.

2. Gently and carefully, press tip into the center side of the tape dispenser ring to create a hole all the way through the ring.

3. Cut about 2 inches of chenille stem.  Place a small dab of glue to one end and gently push the glued end into one of the beads (just until it's all the way on).  Allow to dry.

4.  Using the remaining chenille stem, carefully string the remaining 13 beads.

5.  Using the 2 inch (glue dried) piece and single bead, gently run it through the hole you created, by going from the center of the ring to the outside.  Bend the chenille to hold it into place, centering the beaded end.

6. Using crafting glue, place a line of glue all around the center edge if the ring.  Carefully bend the 13 beaded chenille all the way around, then twist all three ends together to secure.  Snip ends and add a hanger (or keep the ends and twist into a hanger).

 7.  Measure enough bead string to go inside the tape dispenser crevice.  Secure it into the crevice using glue.  We used a pearl colored bead string for this one.

8. Measure enough bead string (using a different color) to glue around the ring, and on top of the beaded chenille stem.  We used a red bead string for the center and then a pearl colored bead string on the outside of the dispenser ring.  We added an aqua colored bead string to the other ornament.  You can use any color and resource to make your own.  Allow to dry, and repeat steps 7 and 8 on the opposite side.

 Fill the crevice with other crafting items, such as other beads, scraps and broken pieces of jewelry, mini pom poms, or broken seashells.  There are so many ways to creative a nice Christmas tree ornament.

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