Monday, September 15, 2014

Stitched Note Cards

Use up scrap pieces of embroidery floss and small pieces of scrap cardstock to make these handmade cards.  The backs of the stitched pieces are never seen.

Items needed:

- embroidery floss
- embroidery needle
- printer paper, computer and printer (or white paper)
- black marker to draw (if not printing a pattern)
- sewing pin (any standard straight pin used for sewing)
- cardstock, different colors including white
- scissors
- large paper clip
- measuring device, such as a ruler, optional

1. First you need to make a note card.  Simply cut a piece of cardstock in half width-wise.  Fold each piece in half to create two note cards.  This will be your background color.

2. Cut a piece of cardstock, so it is a bit smaller than the front of your card.  I cut mine about 1/4 inch smaller than the background size.  This will be the cardstock you stitch, and you'll want a contrasting color to go with your background card.

3.  Chose a pattern you want to stitch.  Either hand draw it on plain white paper, or print a black and white one from the internet.  Remember to reduce your size to the size of your cardstock.

4.  Cut the pattern out so that it fits over the cardstock.  Use a paper clip to hold it in place.  Now, gently press your sewing pin into the cardstock (just enough for it to completely pierce the cardstock), and over the pattern itself, to create your sewing holes.  Hold it up to the light if you forget where you've last made a pin hole.  Tip:  I fold up a bath towel, and place it on a hard surface, then I put my cardstock on the towel under a bright light.  When you press the pin through, it will hit the towel.  Be careful not to bend your cardstock.  

It's also helpful to press your pin through, just inside or outside the pattern, for better viewing.

5. Remove your paperclip and pattern.  Keep your pattern for reference while stitching your card.  

Choose the colors of embroider floss and start stitching your card.  Be gently when pulling your embroidery needle through the cardstock.  

6. Glue or use double sided crafting tape to attach your stitched card to the front of the note card.  I like to use the double-sided crafter's tape.  You simply roll on the sticky tape using the type of gadget shown (available at most craft stores), and then gently press that side down to attach.

 Here is another finished stitched card with a more complicated pattern.

There are many sources on the internet on embroidery stitches, so I won't repeat that, but a simple stitch is all it takes to create some unique and fun cards.  They make wonderful gifts too.


Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

cute cards! I love that rooster... I may just try these.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

So beautiful and so special! The recipient would have both a greeting and a creative piece worthy of framing :)