Sunday, March 30, 2014

Suitcase Cat Bed

There are many locations on the internet, that give you instructions on building one of these.  I won't be repeating the steps, but I will be showing you the progress of our own cat bed.

 We were spring cleaning, and . . .

. . . decided to see how easy it was to make one. 

My Hubby simply ripped the top of the suitcase off, it was that old.  I am sure there are different tools that would help in this step.  It depends on the style of the suitcase you are using.

We purchased 4 wooden legs from a hardware store, and spray painted them.  I wanted this job done quickly, so spray paint came in handy.  You could stain them or hand paint them, but it's really up to you.  These legs had the screws already in the ends, so I used an old cardboard box to hold them for painting. 

Once the legs were in place (a drill was needed for this step), I recycled an old bed pillow, and covered it with scrap fabric I had on hand.  

Ta-Da!  Done.  Cat bed is finished. 

As for the top of the suitcase?  That will be posted next.  My 17 year-old daughter claimed it for her room.  Check back to see what she does with it.

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