Thursday, November 7, 2013

Simply Christmas ~ Book Review

Recycling ideas can be found in some of the most interesting places, so our family tends to read a variety of books.  We borrow many from our local library, and this post is about one of those books.

It's a Christmas celebration book, filled with crafting and decorting ideas, as well as recipes.  

Simply Christmas by Carol Field Dahlstrom
@2000, ISBN: 0-9679764-0-5

 (photo taken from one of the pages)

Do you have games that need tossed?  Well, don't toss them.  How about dice, playing cards, checker pieces and so forth?  In this book, you will find the instructions on how to make everything on this tree.  There is even a domino garland on this tree.  How fun is that?

In this book, you will also find instructions on how to make ornaments from old maps.  

So the next time you are visiting your library, look for this book.

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