Saturday, November 9, 2013

Keepsake Keychain ~ Recycling a Pill Bottle

Make fun keepsake key chains by recycling an empty pill bottle.  

What you need:

~empty washed and dried pill bottle (non-safety cap lid)
~one jewelry eye pin
~one jump ring (we used a double wrap jump ring)
~key chain (found in hobby and jewelry stores)
~wire cutters
~sewing or embroidery needle
~jewelry tool to bend wire 
~optional:  strong glue

IUsing the sewing/embroidery needle, gently press the point through the center of the lid, creating a hole.  This type of lid is softer.  If you do not have this type of pill bottle, you might also try drilling a hole through tougher plastic lids, or simply using a thin nail and hammer.  Just be careful to not crack the lid.

2. Slide the eye pin through the top side of the lid.

3.  Holding the eye portion of the pin with pliers, cut the other end of the wire in half with wire cutters.  With your bending tool, bend the remaining wire (which is under the lid) to a twisted circle, to prevent the wire from slipping through.  This doesn't have to look pretty, as it will be inside the keychain.

4.  Attach the jump ring to the eye pin using pliers if needed.

5.  Attach the key chain to the jump ring.

6.  Fill your bottle with small items and place the lid back on.

7.  Glue the lid if preferred.

Note:  This is not the type of key chain that will stand wear and tear, such as being put into a pocket.  This is more for a key that is not used too often, or for decoration in a room.  I have had these types of key chains break, after they had been shoved in pockets over and over.           

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