Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Make a Wine Cork Christmas Garland

Kristina N
Recycle wine corks into a whimsical and unique Christmas garland. Make these as long or as short as you prefer, and decorate for the holidays. Create a "green" holiday by not throwing wine corks in the garbage. Give a wine cork garland as a Christmas or other holiday gift. Read the "Tips" at the bottom of the article for ideas in creating more colorful bead combinations.

  • wine corks
  • 6mm red beads
  • 8mm silver beads
  • 14mm white pearl beads
  • long darning sewing needle
  • dental floss
  • drill
  • 3/32 drill bit
  • scissors
  • old piece of scrap wood, thick enough to protect working surface
  • optional: pliers
  • optional: recycled foam food tray to hold beads in
  1. Step 1 


Wash corks or boil for 1 minute in water and cool. This process will give corks their original form.

  1. Step 2

Cut a piece of dental floss to the length of garland you wish to make.

  1. Step 3


Slide end of dental floss through needle eye, and add a few beads in the order you wish to use them (between corks). For this garland add one red bead, followed by one silver bead. Remove needle. Carefully draw the string around the last bead added, and tie a knot. This will keep the beads and corks on the dental floss as you add from the opposite end.

  1. Step 4


Stand one cork upright onto your scrap piece of wood. Remember your wood must be thick enough for the drill bit to not go through it too much. Your work surface will be protected.

While holding the cork upright with one hand, drill a hole in the center of the cork, downward, with the other hand. Once the drill bit is through, remove the drill bit by using reverse on your drill, but slowly. Your hole will tighten again so quickly run your needle through the cork hole and add the cork to your dental floss, pushing it all the way to the beginning beads.

  1. Step 5

Run you needle through the beads in this order:

-one red bead
-one silver bead
-one pearl bead
-one silver bead
-one red bead

  1. Step 6

Now add another cork, following the drilling directions in step 4 and continue to rotate one wine cork between the set of beads in step 5.

  1. Step 7


Continue to add corks and beads until you reach about 6-8 inches from the end of your floss. Gently tie a knot by bringing your dental floss back up to where you brought it through the last bead.

  1. Step 8

Optional: Cut an 8 inch piece of dental floss. With the help of your needle, bring the floss halfway through the last bead added. Remove your needle. Tie a knot to make a loop to hang garland if desired. Repeat for opposite end.


  • If your cork is took long for the needle, drill in the center of both ends before running your needle through.
  • If you are adding a synthetic cork use pliers to gently pull the needle completely through the cork. They are a bit more difficult to drill through and run your needle through.
  • Use a blue, silver and pearl bead combination for a different look.
  • Use a green, red, silver or other combination of beads.
  • Use aqua, pink, black or red for a vintage color of wine cork and bead garland.

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