Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Make Record Album Covers into File Folders

 (Back of Folder)

(Front of Folder)

Last year we took old record albums, and recycled the records into record bowls.  When making these bowls, we kept the record covers and recycled them into file folders.  

The idea is not my own.  We located the idea in a library book, and have yet to locate the title again.  In fact, you can search the internet, and find many tutorials on this project.

Here is how we made ours:

We cut the sides of a record album cover, and bent it backwards, so the inside is on the outside.

We used an actual office folder, and used it for a template, tracing one side onto the record album.  

The sides of the folder will have different heights, so we cut out one side first, then opened the cover again.  We placed the template folder over it, and traced and cut the other side.  

We then folded the album cover back.

Easy enough for kids (who are old enough to use scissors safely) to make, and very useful.  They actually are sturdier than the manilla file folders too.

TIP:  If you have something you are mailing that needs to be protected from getting bent, slide it into a record album file folder, then into a mailer.  Your recipients mail is safe, and they get an extra, useful and unique item in their mail.

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

As I was reading this...I wondered. Now what would you do with all the albums?
then I got to the end! Make bowls.
I did some of these last year.
Great ideas--

Kristina said...

These sold well at our Farmer's Market, and the bowls were a hit with teens and adults both.