Monday, November 18, 2013

How to Make a Poker Chip Christmas Tree Ornament

Recycle poker chips into inexpensive and fun ornaments.  They can also be recycled into jewelry and keychains.

Items needed:  

~ poker chip pieces

~ versa-tool and soldering tip (or other tool to drill hole)
~ sharp kitchen knife or craft knife
~ scrap 1/8th inch ribbon, thin string
~ tapestry needle (to pull 1/8th inch ribbon through hole for hanger)

~ small playing cards
~ pencil
~ scissors
~ craft glue
~ 8 mm jump rings
~ miniature dice beads, charms
~1/16th inch trim or ribbon
~ jewelry head pin, eye pin
~ small beads 
~ jewelry tools

1.  Heat a versa-tool, using the pointed soldering tip, on a safe surface.

2. Carefully melt a hole through the poker chip, until you melt through the entire chip.  Turn the chip over, and melt the hole through until it is even on both sides. Using a sharp knife or craft knife, cut away the (cooled) melted edge, cutting away from you.

3.  Add a hanger of your choice, and embellish or simply leave as is. 

Optional Embellishments:

Although Poker is not played with dice, we added a tiny button to one of the ornaments for a "game day" theme.

Using pliers, attach an 8 mm jump ring to a second hole made in the opposite side of the poker chip.  Insert a jewelry head pin into the button, trim with cutters, and bend it over the inside of the jump ring.

We also used a quarter to trace out a circle on a small playing card, and glued it to the center of (both sides) the poker chip.

Other ideas:
~ attach a metal charm on the bottom, such as a miniature dollar bill, coins, or playing cards
~add glitter or trim to the outer edge of the poker chip

A true poker player would appreciate the Ace of spades on their ornament. 

Note:  We used the versa-tool, simply because we had it on hand, and had used it previously to melt holes in plastic.  However, there are other tools that can create a hole, such as a drill or dremmel tool.  Just keep in mind that plastic can crack easily when drilled into.

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