Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spot Light ~ Art Club Project

I, from time to time, share art projects my kids make here at home, or at school.

Today, I am putting the spot light on my 14 year-old daughter, who is a member of the school's art club.

Her club made these adorable chip keychains.  How cool is that?  Take a snack size chip bag, shrink it in the oven, and punch a hole in it.  Add a key ring, and you have a useful item.

There are instructions all over the internet on how to make these, but if we do make some of these ourselves, I will be sure to update this post, and add which method we used.  The temperature is the key, from what my daughter told me.  They can't be rushed, or the bags will burn vs. shrink.

Another factor is the size of the bag.  She said the Dorito snack bags got very long.

1 comment:

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

so cool!
shrinky-dink chips bags!
I'm seeing 'ah-oh' oreos key rings too!
a warm oven...interesting.