Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Make Scrap Fabric Christmas Cards

Create handmade Christmas cards (or use the same technique for other occasions), by cutting pieces of scrap fabric, and attaching them to cardstock.

I apologize in advance for not having a complete tutorial, but I can explain how I made these fun cards.

Items needed:
~cardstock, color of your choice
~scrap fabric
~paper-backed fusible web 
~buttons, color of your choice
~hand sewing needle and thread
~fine tip black permanent marker
~ironing board or work surface
~white hankie or other material suitable (Step 3) 
~optional: rubber stamps and ink for the inside of the card

1. Cut a piece of cardstock in half, width-wise.  Fold each piece in half, creating two cards.

2. Christmas tree:  Cut 3 heart shapes from scrap fabric.  We used cookie cutters to trace onto the wrong side of the material.

3. Using fusible  (see updates below) web (paperbacked), attached the hearts to the cardstock with an iron.   Follow the instructions that come with your fusible web.  You can also view many YouTube tutorials on using fusible web.  I placed a thin piece of material between the cardstock and the iron when I ironed them on. I used a man's hankie.

4. Hand sew buttons to each corner.

5. Draw a design on the outer edge, making a dot dot, dash pattern, using a black fine tip permanent marker.

6. Use rubber stamps and ink to add words and embellishments on the inside of the cards.

Note:  For the other cards, we simply cut out patterns that were already on Christmas themed fabric. 

Here is an updated photo of more cards made with scrap fabric:

We used a thin black marker to draw dashes around the fabric.  Make several cards using different themes and gift them.  Stamp the back "handmade by..." or sign and date them.

Another update to guide you on the application of the fusible web:

 I like to iron the fusible web to the fabric back, then trace my pattern (vs. trying to trace the template onto both fabric and webbing, and trying to line them up together), and cut the piece out.

Now the fusible web is ironed onto the fabric (backside), template is traced, and cut out.  Simply peel off the paper, and iron onto the item you are attaching it to.  You can see a milky color when you peel off the paper.  That is the side you iron with the right side of the fabric facing you.

Here is another larger piece of fabric I ironed fusible web to, and I have started to trace tulips onto it.


Dolly Sarrio said...

Very creative and so cute all of them!!!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Those that receive these must just love them during the holidays. Would definitely make me feel rather special. :)