Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to Make a Gumball/Toy Capsule Christmas Tree Ornament

Kristina N

Make these cute snowman ornaments using recycled gumball capsules, recycled packaging materials, and Sculpey clay. Here are the directions to make your own. Make them for Christmas or exchange one at your next ornament exchange party.  These resemble a snow globe, when you leave a bit of styrofoam loose on the inside.

Items Needed:
  • plastic gumball/toy bubble container, washed and dried
  • tiny recycled styrofoam packaging to resemble snow, or fake snow
  • red, black, white and orange Sculpey Polymer clay (see pattern links below under step 1)
  • E6000 glue or tacky glue
  • Versa-tool
  • silver craft string
Step 1:
Make your snowman using the directions found at Sculpey's Web site (however, since the ornament was created, Sculpey removed the pattern from their site).

Here is a similar "how-to" but making a mini penguin or Santa.  The idea is somewhat the same, but different shapes.  I also included a link for an AngelClaus.

We made ours with a snowman, but you could place any miniature clay figure inside these capsules.  If we make new ones, I will be sure to take photos and update this post.

Step 2:
Glue finished snowman inside the plastic gumball capsule lid and let dry.

Step 3:
With your versa-tool, melt a tiny hole in the center end of the capsule to run your string through, knotting the string on the inside of the capsule. Dab glue to hold knot to the top of the capsule and let dry.

Step 4:
Fill your capsule with a tiny amount of fake snow or tiny packaging materials to resemble snow. You can also cut a packing peanut into tiny pieces for your snow.

Step 5:
Snap your capsule together and hang. You now have a very unique, handmade Christmas ornament for your tree or to give as gifts.


  • Make different items from Scupley's Web site to glue inside your capsules.
  • Shop at local S.C.R.A.P. stores to find plastic capsules for your craft.
  • Parental guidance may be required when baking your Scupley ornament, or using the versa-tool, when making this craft with children.

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