Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to Make Game Card Earrings

Items needed:  

~ pack of party favor (miniature) game cards
   Note:  We located mini game cards at a local dollar store.  You could also check at any store that sells party favors.  The cards we used for this post are approximately 1 inch x 1 1/2 inches.

~ 1/8 inch circle hand punch
~ 2 jump rings, 3mm and 2 jump rings, 5mm (makes one
   pair of earrings).

   note:  we used a combination of a 3 mm and 5 mm for one  set of earrings, and a combination of 5 mm and 8mm for the others.   See photos for the differences.

~ jewelry pliers
~ earring hooks or lever back hooks

1.  Choose 2 playing cards for each set of earrings you wish to make.

2.  Using the hand punch, punch a hole in the center top (or where you would like to attach your jump ring), on each card. The lower the hole, the larger the jump ring you will need.

 3.  Using pliers, attach the larger jump ring to the card, add the smaller jump ring, and then attach to your earring hook.
Note:  When using the hook style we show in the photo above, you can easily remove the earring, turn it around, so you can display either side of the card.

 We used silver and gold on the earrings, so you could see the difference.

Here, you can see the larger jump rings on the left (Uno cards), and the smaller jump rings on the right (Apples to Apples cards). 


Claudia Mazzie-Ballheim said...

Cool idea! You could also find old games at thrift stores and use used cards. You can sometimes find older games with unusual cards. (I found a "Vegas" game with retro pieces and cards once.)

I've made earrings out of the game pieces themselves. Monopoly houses and Sorry pieces are especially attractive (I think).

Here's a photo of my Monopoly house earrings:

Nancy said...

Those are quite clever! :)