Monday, March 25, 2013

Scrap Art Earrings ~ Using Plastic Bread Tags

Basic Bread Tag Earrings 
(Pierced Ears)

Make these for yourself, for gifting, or sell them.  My daughter is selling these handmade earrings at this year's Farmer's Market.

Items you need:

~one plastic bread tag
~sharp scissors
~two jump rings (your preference)
~earrings of your choice (fishhook, lever back, or other)
~jewelry pliers
~versa-tool  and safe work surface

1.  Cut the bread tag in half as shown, using sharp scissors

2.  Heat your versa tool, and carefully melt a tiny hole in the top of each cut bread tag.

3.  When bread tags have cooled, gently remove any melted plastic from the edge of the hole you just melted (if needed).

4. Using your jewelry pliers, bend your jump rings open, attach one to the bread tag, attach a second ring (we used a smaller jump ring), then attach to your earring piece.   This also depends on the top of earring piece you use.

Note:  There are so many tutorials on attaching jump rings, that I did not repeat those here.  For more information enter "attach jump rings" in your search box.  Jewelry supplies can be purchased in most craft aisles of larger stores, in hobby/craft stores, and on-line.

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