Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Polka-Dot Bread Tag Earrings

Take your Basic Bread Tag Earrings, double them up, and add polka-dots.

Use the instructions on the Basic earrings, and add the following:

Items needed:  two different colored bread tags, but of the same size and shape (and use all other items listed on the basic earrings instruction)

1. Heat versa-tool on safe surface, and melt tiny holes in one color (this will be on top of the other color, so it's your preference).  Do not melt the hole for the jump ring yet.

Note:  After melting the holes, there is a tiny rim (melted plastic) that comes off easily by using the open edge of your scissors, and slicing it over the hole to remove it (carefully). 

2. Holding the two colors together, melt the hole for the jump ring.  By doing this, the plastic melts together, holding the two pieces of bread tags together.  If you prefer, you can always add a tiny dab of strong glue between them, at the bottom.

Note:  I inserted my heated versa-tool tip, from the darker colored side.  This will prevent your tool from bringing the the darker color to the front side (we used the black on the back, and white on the front, to create the black polka-dots).

3.  Proceed in attaching jump rings and earring piece. 


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