Thursday, November 29, 2012

Easy Snowglobe Ornament

These are fun ornaments that kids can make.  My youngest made the one in the photo.  It's basically a simple clear (glass) ornament, painted with acrylic paints.

The ball ornament is filled with scrap pieces of styrofoam to appear as the "snow" that you see in a snowglobe.

Use recycled ribbon for a hanger.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cast Iron-Fried Egg Milk Cap Magnet

This is a fun magnet for the kitchen, camper or for your favorite cook. Kids can make this with the help of an adult.

What you need:
~plastic cap (from milk, juice, cider etc)
~tab from a beverage can
~black acyrlic paint
~white dimensional paint
~two pieces of yellow egg carton or foam food tray, punched out with a one-hole punch (two small circles)
~hot glue gun and glue stick

1. Glue the pop tab to the edge of the lid as shown above, and allow to dry.  A glue gun holds this in place better than tacky glue.

2. Paint the entire lid and tab black, allowing it to dry.  Turn over and repeat.  Paint a second coat if needed. 

3. Using dimensional paint (white), carefully create two "egg whites" as shown in the photo.  Before the paint dries, carefully place the yellow circle of foam into the centers of each "egg white."  Allow to dry.

4.  Turn over, and glue a magnet to the backside, and allow to dry.

Tip: Spray the magnet with matte acrylic spray to seal for a longer life of the magnet.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Snowman Spoon Ornament

Make ornaments from scrap spoons.  You can find spoons at very inexpensive prices at most thrift stores.

Simply bend the hand, so that it bends toward the back of the spoon.  Use pliers to gently bend the handle.

Sand the backside of the spoon and paint a snowman face.  Allow to dry.  You may want to spray this, at this time, with an acrylic spray sealer prior to the next steps.

Glue on a scarf using felt or other material, add arms using craft wire, add mittens using felt and buttons.  Add a hat using felt and glitter, or  other materials you may have.

Use a hot glue gun and glue stick to glue on your decorations.  Use a safe working surface.

I simply cut pieces myself, so I don't have templates to share, but wanted to share this fun ornament as we continue to unpack our Christmas tree ornaments.

TIP:  Make a variety of snowmen, by leaving off the hat, and adding chenille stems for ear muffs and add a pom pom to each side.    Make santa spoons using scrap fabric and white pom poms.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Popcisle Stick Ski Ornament

What you need:

~ 2 regular size popsicle sticks

~ 2 wooden toothpicks (round)

~ 2 snaps

~ thin silver string

~ thin string for hanger (we used gold)

~ red acrylic paint

~ paint brush

~ tacky glue

~ Glossy acrylic spray

~ Scrap styrofoam, or foam food tray

To make this:

1. Paint the popsicle sticks red.  Allow to dry completely.  You may need to use 2 coats of paint.  Paint toothpicks white.  

Tip:  Use a scrap piece of styrofoam, or foam food tray to press toothpicks into, to help dry the toothpicks easier.  Simply paint one end at a time, and use the foam to allow them to dry standing up.

2. Cross the popsicle sticks as shown in the photo, and glue them together.    Allow them to dry.

3. Tie small "handles" onto the tops of each toothpickTrim off extra.  Add a dab of glue to secure.  Again, pressing the opposite end into styrofoam, helps drying these easier.

4. Once the ski "handles" are dry, flip the toothpicks over and glue on one piece of the snap, allow to dry.  

5.  Glue a hanger to the back of the glued popsicle sticks.  We simply used a dab of tacky glue and allowed it to dry using very thin gold string from the jewelry section of the craft store.

6.   On the front of the popsicles, glue the toothpick ski sticks to the top, crossing them as shown.  Allow to dry.

7. Spray the entire ornament (excluding the hanger) with glossy acrylic spray.  Allow to dry, by hanging the ornament on a curtain rod or similar.

TIP:  I made these in royal blue paint, as a gift to a policeman.   Get creative, make them in all types of colors and designs.

Note:  This is another of our handmade ornaments that we just unpacked for the Christmas season.  This step-by-step lacks photos that take you through the exact steps.  Please post a comment if you have questions. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments

Lollipop Ornaments

Use scissors to cut circles from stiff felt or other stiff recycled materials (plastic lids may work)  Glue on strips of rick rack.  Glue it to a recycled popsicle stick.  For the one above, we used tacky glue.  Allow to dry, then turn over and glue on a hanger (string, yarn, ribbon, etc).  These are fun to decorate in any color and any trimmings.

Use 2 recycled popsicles sticks to make a God's Eye, and use up your scrap yarn.  Simply search for "how to make a God's Eye" using your internet for directions on making one.

Note: These are ornaments I have already made and are being unpacked for our tree this season.  If you need help with making one, just post a comment.  I apologize for not having step-by-step instructions.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Clothespin Snowmen Christmas Tree Ornaments

Inspired by another blog we discovered, these snowmen were created using broken wooden clothespins.

(Skip on over to to see very cute clothespin soldier ornaments)

This blog however, did not give step-by-step directions on adding the hanger, so we decided to try a few things.  I liked the idea of using the wooden match for arms.  A toothpick is too thin for these ornaments.

What you need:
~ two pieces of broken wooden clothespins (or take the metal spring off of one)

~strong glue (we used E6000)

~thin string,  we used recycled string from a pet feed bag

~acrylic paints:  white, black, orange or permanent markers (for the black and orange)

~one wooden match per ornament

~black craft foam or small flat black button

~black pony bead or similar bead  

~recycled foam tray or other painting work surface     

~tacky glue

~embroidery needle or similar

~paint brushes, thinner one needed for small detail (or use a black fineline permanet marker

1.  Glue the two wooden clothespin pieces together, but place the hanger string inside the thicker end of the pieces as you glue them together.   Tip:  We folded our string and placed the folded end inside the clothespins, so we could thread on a bead if needed.  Allow to dry.

2.   Using your scissors, cut off the striking end of your wooden match.  Place a dab of tacky glue on the hole that is in the center of your clothespins.  Gently slide the wooden match through the hole, and center it.  Allow it to dry.

3.  Paint the entire ornament (excluding they string) white.  Allow to dry.  Tip:  Paint one side at a time or tie up to dry.

4. Cut a small circle from black craft foam, or use a black button.  Thread it onto the hanger string, and gently slide it to the top of the clothespin.  Secure with a dab of glue.  Then slide on a black pony bead (or similar bead).  Again, secure the bead to the craft foam or button with a dab of glue.  Allow to dry.  We traced around a dime to make our craft foam circle.

4.  Tie a very thin scrap of ribbon or string for a scarf.  Paint or draw eyes, nose, mouth and buttons onto the ornament, using fine line permanent markers.

Tip:  We could not find small plastic snowmen hats.  If you can, simply melt a small hole in the top, using a versa tool, and thread it onto the hanger.  To secure it, I added a dab of strong glue, between the hat and the clothespin.  Allow to dry.   

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Scrap Yarn Ornaments

Small scraps of yarn can be used to create fun, whimisical and creative ornaments.

Make this one, by using a Red Heart yarn free pattern for a scarf.  Use  motif 1.  Use only round 1 and 2, fastening off after each round, using scraps of different colored yarn.
Pattern:  Shimmer Granny Scarf (pdf)

TIP:  Sew scrap beads, buttons or sequins in the corners.

 (Borrowing another photo from my other blog)
Don't forget the post on Christmas Card Tree Ornaments

And the link to my post on making mini-hat ornaments too.

I'll update this as we discover more. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Organizing the Small Stuff ~ Reusing Plastic Pill Bottles

To organize your small, "stuff" simply wash and dry pill bottles of any size, removing the labels.

Organize your small sewing items, such as eyelets, snaps, eye and hooks, needles, etc.

Items you Need:

~pill bottles and lids
~1 inch round stickers/labels
~fine tip marker
~Optional:  recycled wooden clementine box

 (We found 1 inch round mailing seals at large department store, but any 1 inch round label will fit most pill bottle lids)

1. Using a fine tip marker, write on your labels before peeling them off the paper they come on.

2. Place the labels on the tops of the pill bottles.

3.  Fill your bottles with the items, matching the item with the lid and label

Optional:  Store these in a wooden recycled clementine box and label the box.

Other suggestions to store small stuff:

1. Extra office items - tacks, rubber bands, etc.
2. Extra mechanical pencil lead and/or erasers
3. Separate and store beads by color or size
4. Christmas ornament hooks
5. Toothpicks, when the box falls apart
6. Screws and other small hardware